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{April 4, 2008}   The Happiest Place on Earth

I admit it…I’m obsessed with Disney World. I can’t help it, I’ve been going there my whole life. My first trip to Disney in Florida was when I was 2. I think my parents were crazy for bringing me so young, but having a grandfather living in Florida was an excuse for a Disney trip…and who was I to argue. LOL

After that 1st trip I went again at ages 4,6,8,10,13,15,16,20,24,29,30,31. :D

Now, my parents weren’t airplane people. We always drove…from MASSACHUSETTS all the way to Orlando. Again I say, Crazy. It was fun though when I was a kid. And being an only child I had plenty of room in the back seat of our car or mini van. And making the stop at South of the Border in South Carolina each trip was fun too HA

When I was 13 I got to bring my best friend with us. When I was 15 I got to bring 2 friends with us. I went for the first time without my parents when I was 16. I was on the Pom Pom Squad with my High School and we went to perform in a parade at MGM. That was so much fun! And it was also my first time on a plane…how easy is that trip! A few hours instead of a few days. Ya…no more driving for me thanks. When I was 20 I went for the first time without a chaperone…with only my best friend from college. Loved that trip.

Once I was an “adult” I just couldn’t stop wanting to go back. It’s in my blood I tell you. So at 24 I went with my husband…pre-baby. We had our photo taken and it’s still up in Epcot on the Leave a Legacy walls. As seen here:

Our Leave A Legacy Tile at Epcot

Then we had our daughter…and I knew I wasn’t going to do what my parents did. I wanted to wait until she was old enough to know what was going on…and have some hope of remembering her first trip. We had agreed to wait until she was 5. But, once she was 4 I couldn’t wait anymore! We planned our first trip for when she would be 4 1/2. It was SO wonderful seeing Disney through the eyes of a little girl. That was it…we had to go the next year, and the next. I’m thinking we’ll go next year too. :)

I want to get in as many trips as we can while she’s still small. When she’s big I figure we’ll be traveling all over the world and won’t have as much time, or money, for Disney trips. But we’ll have to fit a few in when she’s older too.

[We interrupt this post to bring you a message from our sponsor.]

I’ve never lived in Florida and I’m not a Disney expert by any means, but I’m pretty good with planning a Disney trip on a budget.If you’re going to Disney World soon and want ideas on how to spend as little as possible, check out my lens – Walt Disney World on a Budget for some tips.

[Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.]

So…I wasn’t sure if I should start out my blog with this post. Because, as I’ve only recently found out, there are some Anti-Disney World people out there. I’d have never of known that if it weren’t for a message board* filled with moms of varying ages from varying locations. I won’t post the link as I don’t want any stalkers. ;) But anyway…most of the women there have no “Happiest Place on Earth” thoughts when they hear mention of that place with the famous m-o-u-s-e. Who knew? You probably did…but I’ve been blissfully unaware that such grumpy parents existed. And they poison their children with these Disney is the devil thoughts. The horror.

That’s ok…really…it just means shorter lines for us happy go lucky, child at heart, parents and our kids. ;)

* No, not you! I would never call you guys grumpy! <3


Martha says:

I’m with you on this Christene. I didn’t get to go to Disney until I was 16 and I feel I have a lot of lost time to make up. I love everything Disney. I have no idea why people hate it so much. For me, it IS the happiest place to be for a day, to get away from reality and just feel like a child again. I’ve only taken my daughter once, and I really want to go back soon!

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