Random Christene-ness

{April 6, 2008}   I love surprises!

I should have written this the other day…but I didn’t have a blog yet…then I didn’t have time…then I hurt my neck/upper back and couldn’t sit at the computer very long.

Last Thursday, out of the blue, I got a phone call. Actually, Jarred got the call and he handed me his cell phone. Oh, wait…that was a coincidence in itself. I was at work and he happened to be there at lunch time.

It was one of my favorite old high school friends, Elissa, who moved WAY too far away. She lives in California now. Elissa called Jarred’s cell because she didn’t have my cell #. (My phone is always off so I don’t hand out the number to people. She had Jarred’s from the last time we got to see her. Follow? Super.) If she had called my phone and left a message I never would have heard it in time.

She was calling from a friend’s house the next town over from me! She made last minute plans to come to visit her grandfather, and had a few hours in the morning to see friends. She didn’t realize she was that close to me until her friend, Heather, mentioned my town in a conversation. As soon as she heard that she wanted to stop by.

They, and Heather’s beautiful little baby, came to my office to see me, and my boss…also known as my mother-in-law…let me leave work. :) We all went to my house for a few hours and got to talk and laugh and reminisce. It was so much fun. Her friend Heather is super cool and hopefully I’ll get to hang out with her again.


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