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{April 7, 2008}   Everyone should learn ASL

Before my daughter was born I knew that I wanted to teach her sign language. I had always loved knowing a bit of ASL and I had heard of it being used with babies even back then (2000). While I was pregnant I ordered the “Sign with your Baby” book and video and started learning signs I could use with dd and how to go about teaching a baby. I was also teaching dh so he could do it too. I knew we had to be consistent for it to work.

We basically started with her from day 1 and by the time she was 7 months old she was able to make her first sign. Then one at a time she added to her signing vocabulary and it was amazing! We added the Signing Time videos to our ASL learning library and she just took off with it. As she learned to talk she could combine words and signs and her vocabulary was doubled. It’s seriously the coolest thing ever. Little tiny people having these thought out conversations with you. While some toddlers their age still can’t communicate their needs at all. There was no such thing as the terrible two’s at my house. She didn’t have temper tantrums since her needs could be met. I think age 2 was one of my favorites. :)

Once she started preschool her teachers happened to use some sign with the class. Lexi was a big help with teaching the other kids…and even the grown ups. When she was 4 she had the opportunity to be filmed by the Signing Time crew. They can’t promise parents their children will make the final cut of the videos, and they don’t even tell you if/when they do. We got a great surprise when we received our set of Volumes 10-13 as she was in three of them! She’s only in each for a minute or less, but it was still pretty nifty. She continued teaching sign to her classrooms, and now in Kindergarten she’s been teaching other classes as well…even the principal.

She will be 7 years old this summer and all this time later we are still using ASL in our every day life. It isn’t something that has to stop when they become verbal. :)

If you want to find out more about my family’s signing adventures, or to just learn how to start with your own family take a look at ASL For Everyone.


Rockycha says:

Added this Sparkling, Dazzling, Wonderful Bloggyland to my blogroll! Thanks carrie

christenes says:

HA…thanks carrie :)

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