Random Christene-ness

{September 1, 2008}   Animals everywhere!

I feel like I’ve been living in a wildlife sanctuary the past few days! Oh my goodness. Two nights ago Jarred saw a raccoon in our yard, we think he’s a regular here…loves our trash. But this time the raccoon ran right at him…and couldn’t be scared away. Jarred put out our (humane) animal trap and the raccoon walked right in it before he could actually set the back so it wouldn’t open up. The raccoon figured a way to get out, Jarred set the trap correctly, put food in and the raccoon went back in. We called animal control to check out the animal, we weren’t sure if it was sick or not. The woman came, said he was healthy and wasn’t allowed to relocate it so we let it go.

The very next night, with the trap still outside, a skunk walked into it. We left him in it overnight and Jarred carried the cage over to his parents truck, and drove the animal across town to the woods and let him go there.

Our daughter was with him, and after they let the skunk go they were in his parent’s shop and found a teeny, tiny, few days old, baby mouse alone on the cold cement floor. Caring hearts that they both have they brought him home. I’m now grandma to a mouse. LOL Jarred started reading about how to care for orphan mice, went out to buy kitten formula and a tiny bottle and we’ve been feeding him every few hours, helping it go to the bathroom (I’ve learned more than I ever wanted about baby mice) and keeping it warm. He even came with us today when we went to visit family. I have the next feeding at 1:00 am (I’m up anyway) and Jarred set his clock to get up at 4:00 am to feed it. How sweet is that? But, dude. This is a big reminder of what life what a baby was like. I did not sign on for this second round of middle of the night feedings. He is awfully cute though.


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