Random Christene-ness

{October 9, 2008}   It’s almost Halloween!

Are you ready?

We’re not…haven’t decorated, haven’t gotten our pumpkins, haven’t got Lexi’s costume yet. And candy won’t be purchased till right before, or I’d eat it. :P

But, honest. I am in the holiday spirit! I’ve been sprucing up my two Halloween lenses from last year and created three new ones. :) I’ve also got an idea I want to try…hopefully it will work.

The first Halloween lens I worked on last year was Pumpkin Carving. It actually did so well that it was the most visited page out of all of Squidoo right around Halloween. This year I’m worried it won’t perform as well. Hope it proves me wrong! So if you need any ideas for your Jack O’Lantern this year please stop by the lens! I just added a link to free Barack Obama pumpkin carving patterns. ;) Love ’em.

The other from last year was Black Cats: Classic Icons of Halloween. If you know anyone who loves black cats point them in my direction. Oh…there is a poll on there to choose the best name for them. It’s in need of votes!

This year I’ve added Fairy, Pixie & Nymph Costumes, Pirate & Princess Costumes, and Baby’s First Halloween. I’ve included a ton of costumes to look through for everyone in your family. I scoured the web for my favorites and organized them for you. I’m good like that. HA The Baby’s 1st Halloween one has more than costumes too. Bibs, and onsies, picture frames…stuff like that.

I mentioned that I’ve got an idea I want to try. Well last year I took photos at each stage I while I was carving our pumpkin to put up on my lens. This year I think I want to record it on video, have some parts at real time and some on fast forward. I’d upload it to Youtube, and maybe iTunes, and add the video to my lens. I’ll give it a shot, but I’ll only use it if I like how it comes out.

Well, that’s all for now. If I don’t post soon, cause look at my record here…not so good, I wanted to say have a Happy Halloween!


Hey those are some great costume lenses, I’ll have to lensroll them and rate them, the pirate costumes I never tire of seeing as there are lots to choose from, I once had a go at making a pirate costume once and that was fun, but you can’t beat buying one from amazon or some other place online.

Happy halloween!

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